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Poly.tec Srl was founded in Turin in April 1996 based on the commitment and experience of its partners who had been working in the chemical industry for over thirty years.
The company's goal was to produce chemical formulas with special focus on polyurethane systems for gaskets glued in the hole or otherwise, PVC and epoxies.
The markets in which Poly.tec operates include Italy , France , Germany , Spain , Greece , Poland , Egypt , Iran , Morocco , Tunisia , Israel , Arab Emirates, and China , whether directly or by sales agreements. Major groups in its roster of clients include ABB for fuse boards, boxes and plastic boards, BTicino , Legrand , Beghelli and the group Ivela for airtight lamps.
Poly.tec is also EN ISO 9001-2008 certified and the thixotropic product is UL standardized .

  Certificazione ISO 9001