Thanks to product research and testing in our laboratory, we have succeeded in obtaining an innovative formulation that is ideal for better performance in gasket applications.

POLYTIX 30.11 LA.S. is an  HYDROPHOBIC polyurethane formulation, its main characteristic. In fact, the compound has a liquid absorption threshold lower than 10% and optimizes the performance once applied on the surface and subjected to compression.

The product test involves soaking the foamed gasket in water on the reference substrate, not subjected to compression for 24 hours, removing it and measuring its weight. The comparison in percentage terms with our standard product shows a reduction in absorption of more than 3%.

POLYTIX 30.11 LA.S, thanks to its characteristic softness, allows a better adaptability to the final support favouring a lesser effort of the hinges closing the frame and therefore a longer life.

The product is UL50E certified, but exceeds the 80° certification guaranteeing resistance to structural damage up to 113°C constant. It remains unaffected when subjected to temperatures between -20°C and 120°C and  for short periods even up to 150°C.

This formulation comes with a 6-month guarantee and free after-sales service from our specialised team.

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