The shortage of polymer materials plaguing the European manufacturing sector.

Situation that puts downward pressure on the European production of the chemical and plastic sector.

Critical and relevant factor is the strategy of the Asian market that anticipating the post-covid reopening has accelerated with the acquisition of stocks of raw materials and additives.

EUPC (European association of plastics processors) denounces a significant price increase due to shortage of polymer materials, a factor that aggravates the situation of companies operating in this sector, with significant slowdowns in rhythms and fearing the risk of a stop in production.

We are at the typical time when the value of reliability of a serious business partner becomes the key feature.

Despite the global slowdown in the production of oil and its derivatives, essential supplies of the chemical sector in which Poly.tec operates, we have ensured our customers and deliveries of orders taken, ensuring the constant supply of products and managing the best delivery times required.

Polytec ensures the continuity and quality of its products, convinced of the dynamism and professionalism that sets us apart, even in emergency situations.

We would like to remind you that after-sales service is always free of charge and guaranteed by the assistance provided by our technical-sales team. The entire range of certified products is guaranteed for six months.

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