PU Foaming System


In Turin since 1996

POLY.TEC SRL borns in Turin in 1996 from the passion and the previous experience of its
shareholders, already highly engaged in the chemical world for more than 40 years.
Over the years the company started business relationships with leading realities, both national and international.
The today goal remains to create chemical formulations, with particular attention to polyurethane systems (polyols + isocyanate compound) to be applied in grooves, flat surfaces, pvc and epoxy resins.
Our professional employees make available their multidimensional knowledge to grant the customer the right solutions in order to solve problems; starting from a technical point of view
upon the use of the gasket machine and its assistance, to a scientific one to assure good
performance and high quality of our products.

Products portfolio is dynamic and mainly focused on thixotropic and fluid formulations. It is
constantly updated based on market requests and the company can supply specific advices and
suggestions to customers. In fact there is the chance to agree on the new product formulation
according to customer needs.
POLY.TEC has studied and contrived a wide range of articles which complete polyurethane gaskets
business, like washing solvents for the dosing machine, adhesion promoter (primer) for surfaces
difficult to treat and descalers to clean the machine from PU residues.
All products supplied are highly specific and provided with technical data sheet available upon


Research & Development

  • Development of new products based on customer requests or on specific strategic business choices.
  • Internal chemical lab:

All productions are compliant to national and international regulations

POLY.TEC submits every production to an accurate quality check through different sample tests
made in our lab in order to verify its composition and its correspondence to the Technical Data
Results are available in the Certificate of Analysis related to that production, upon request.
Every sample is stored for a maximum of 6 months in case of some controversies.

During complex R&D employment, POLY.TEC relies on the usage of different machinery and specific tools for technical analysis like small chambers to evaluate fire resistance, depth gauge, lambometer,
electrostatic heater, titrators and PH-meters, hatcheries and refrigerators to study accelerate aging and others.


Our employees are highly professionalized. Training takes place through a period of coaching together with company’s more structured personnel. At the end of this first period, training will go on through continuous refresher courses, with the goal of improving the technical knowledge about the specific work position.

Customer Service

Our assistance policy praises efficiencies, quickness and resolution. Our technicians – vendors will personally come to the customer plant in order to provide technical assistance on the usage of the dosing machine or they will immediately available in taking charge of other issues and be able to propose alternative solutions for particular requests.

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