Water infiltration is the archenemy of your marine wiring, and you are searching for a flexible yet reliable product after processing?

Nautical component manufacturers often struggle with the conflicting nature of two elements.

Investment, research and development, modern technology to withstand the stresses imposed on moving vessels with the aim of protecting electrical components from saltwater.

Made in Italy is at the top of the global nautical sector: discover with Polytec how custom seals can solve your production and infiltration problems.

A step into the USA

The American market presents the greatest potential for the Italian nautical industry, and with the occasion of the Miami International Boat Show, Polytec contacts the marine world overseas to present customized solutions useful for satisfying high-strength isolation and impermeability needs.

With a retail intake of almost $3 billion annually in boats, engines, and accessories, the market is increasingly demanding highly technological and customized products that meet the needs of this group of enthusiasts.

Our Seals

Designed to ensure excellent sealing and insulation performance, Polytec polyurethane seals allow for the perfect application to isolate wiring on boats, dock columns, and watermaker for boat

Have you found the adaptable insulation for the design lines of your products in your search for marine wiring seals?

Contact our sales manager for consultation, and our R&D laboratories will develop the best solutions to meet your needs.

We remind you that all of our customers enjoy free after-sales service, guaranteed by the assistance provided by our technical-sales team; the entire certified product range is guaranteed for six months.