Would you ever rely on a partner who invests exclusively in new products and neglects the well-being in the workplace and of his team?
Here is the right solution to improve your sphere of interest.

For our employees everything changes for the better. We have moved to new premises with larger and more modern spaces, with features that match a quality of working life oriented towards improvement.

The new areas used for refreshment areas are large, so as to allow the right interpersonal distance and reduce the risk of contagion.
We have obtained a considerable advantage with the laboratory on view directly on the production, so as to allow a direct two-way dialogue between the two areas, as well as a greater possibility of process supervision of the products created by our chemists.

We have dedicated time and resources to look for a solution for the headquarters with larger spaces so as to increase the possibility of storage and always be ready to improve to better serve our customers.

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Polytec: The TAYLOR MADE of polyurethanes.