Breaking free from the grip of China is now easier with technical support from Polytec.

Thanks to an initial contact with our sales team, an Anglo-Saxon company producing inverters has found the opportunity to reallocate production previously outsourced to third parties in China, thus increasing control over the production phases.

The action taken by the client company took the form of the purchase of a foaming plant & the subsequent application of chemical products formulated by our laboratory.

The partner company explored & found compatibility to its needs by viewing our catalog of gasket solutions; each of which has specific characteristics for different application surfaces. The choice of the most suitable gaskets for the company’s needs was shared with the support of the sales manager who promptly provided tangible evidence of the result through samples of the finished product.

The customer’s ability to relocate within the UK is completely consistent with the objectives Polytec has set for itself in the short term: to land our polyurethane products in the UK & to enhance the in-house expertise of each manufacturing country.

The support that Polytec has provided to the manufacturer takes the form of the purchase of the foaming plant & polymeric products designed by our R&D laboratory, following a detailed analysis of the customer’s needs.

The commercial opportunity that the Anglo-Saxon partner has provided us with is in line with the “Motorsport” project that Polytec has previously joined (link to article).

We would like to remind you that our customers benefit from an after-sales service that is always free of charge and guaranteed by the assistance provided by our technical-sales team; the entire range of certified products is guaranteed for six months.