Polytec is constantly looking for products that can provide our customers with the best possible applications for the work of the operators; this is what we have studied to improve the application of our polyurethane gaskets.

The extreme competence of our customers does not set limits to the R&D department; thus, the laboratory has implemented two new solutions that concern both a better preservation of the semi-finished product and the effectiveness & uniformity of large format gaskets.

The difficulties in finding some of the main chemical elements of the POLYTIX 30.11 range have pushed our laboratory to look for valid alternative solutions that would allow the final operators to simplify the workability of the product.

The objective is also to guarantee to the user the same mechanical properties faithfully reported in the technical data sheet, constantly benefiting from the concrete advantages resulting from the improvements made:

POLYTIX 30.11 AF: the standard product initially showed the typical feature of polyurethane formulations, i.e. the component parts contained in the drum resting in the warehouse tended to phase separation due to the different specific weight and the prolonged storage time. Therefore, it needed a subsequent homogenization process before spreading. Today, however, thanks to the improvements made to the formulation, this natural process of separation has been completely eliminated, thus making the subsequent processing phase easier and more economical.

POLYTIX 30.11 GN 19: specific for large size gaskets (19mm x 10mm), the R&D department has remedied the defect of occasional veining that occurred in the situation where the operator did not exactly respect the working ratio indicated in the technical data sheet. The improvements made by the new components allow the end-user to deviate more from the precise coefficient of the working ratio.

We would like to remind you that in case of possible doubts the assistance service carried out by our technical-commercial team is always ready to provide free advice for solutions or alternatives you may need.

The entire Polytix 30.11 range is certified and guaranteed for six months.