Are the cable operators who choose your products increasingly demanding?

Each of your end customers handles different types of supports & their electrical panels are constantly subjected to all kinds of stresses (from weather to temperature changes), you have a need for products that are easier to handle to make the job easier.

Adopt the American & Canadian model: supply them with only U.L.-certified products.

Polytec is always at the forefront of identifying & providing new solutions to specific customer request, its R&D lab is working to provide a new efficient certified formulation for glass bonding in electrical panels.

The certification process of our switchboard glass bonding gasket, according to U.L. 746° sec 18.2 – method A (astm D 1002) is now completed: we are now at the “final test” of the glass bonding gasket applied to the switchboard door.

Penetrating the U.S. & Canadian switchgear market may be tricky, given their greater focus on certified product supply chains; nevertheless, with our upcoming certification & your possible choice to adopt the POLYTIX 00 gasket, they will certainly be incentivized to discover & test your final product.

Obtaining certification of a new product from our range of gaskets is getting easier & easier: you only need to identify the type of substrate you need to deal with & the customer’s request based on their end result goal.

We remind you that our customers enjoy the always free after-sales service guaranteed by the assistance carried out by our technical sales team; the entire range of certified products is guaranteed for six months.