Apply the gasket with security with Polytec polyurethanes

We are sure of the extreme competence of our customers, nevertheless we are actively engaged in providing guidance to optimize the use of the POLYTIX 30.11 range.

With the initial guidance provided by our sales and lab managers, you can easily proceed to prepare for foaming, with the additional support this short guide provides for random situations.


The quality of the equipment is a fundamental requirement for producing quality gaskets. The simple steps outlined in this guide will help you achieve better performance of the finished product.


  • Check the condition of the system and of the polyol and isocyanate tanks: complete cleanliness is not a prerequisite, provided that the product previously contained is compatible with the new one being replaced.
  • Check the cleanliness of the components of the mixing head: fundamental requirement to obtain the maximum performance from the product is to avoid contamination.



  • Load the new product into the tank.
  • Purge the line by means of free pouring: any residue of the previous product will be eliminated, thus allowing the next steps to be carried out correctly.
  • Proceed to the verification of the set parameters: it is necessary to take into account the working ratio, the speed of the manipulator, the flow rate and the temperature of parts A and B.
  • Verify the actual working ratio by means of the casting in the glass.



  • Dimensions: the certainty of the real dimensions of the gasket becomes apparent once the foaming is applied.
  • Hardness: the polytix range needs 24 hours for the internal cells to complete their chemical reaction.

We would like to remind you that in case of possible doubts the assistance service carried out by our technical-commercial team is always ready to provide free advice for solutions or alternatives you may need.

The entire Polytix 30.11 SERIes range is certified and guaranteed for six months.