Polytec’s constant commitment to the international market to establish itself as a supplier of polyurethanes and related chemical products (see our products), has allowed us to reach a new European market.

Our proposal for Portuguese customers is now consolidated and ready to satisfy the secondary sector of the Lusitanian market.

Thanks to the well-established reputation of seriousness and competence, our agent on the Portuguese territory is willing to offer a “new” level of service to its customers, aiming at the prompt assistance & certified quality of our products.

With the availability of warehousing in logistic sites close to the operators of the polyurethane sector, the objective of a better level of service and customization of the need is realized in the concepts of promptness, satisfaction & assistance.

Assistance is guaranteed by the commitment that our sales team dedicates to training and updating the area agent on polyurethane systems and the operation of the machines, allowing us to provide constant and direct support to the customer.

By virtue of a thorough study of the local market, in addition to the information provided by the agent, the range of products that best meet the needs of the local secondary sector is identified with the Polytix series of thixotropic systems for gaskets, fluid systems for gaskets, adhesion promoters, washing solvents for equipment & cleaning products for metal parts.

We would like to remind you that our customers enjoy the after-sales service always free of charge and guaranteed by the assistance carried out by our technical sales team, the entire range of certified products is guaranteed for six months.