We open 2022 with participation in an internationalization project also promoted by the Emilia Romagna region, which in concert with GMA (global marketing architecture), aims to explore the UK market.

Participation in Motorsport UK will allow the productive realities involved to come into contact with the Motorsport sector in the Anglo-Saxon district of Silverstone, currently home to teams of excellence & manufacturers of components and cars that participate in the WEC (World Endurance Championship) and Formula 1 championships.

The focus of the project is the creation of a synergy between compatible partners of the two markets through the adoption of the innovative approach of strategic definition combined with commercial analysis.

The choice of the Anglo-Saxon Motorvalley derives not only from the high commercial potential of the automotive sports sector, but also from the huge investments that put the sector under analysis at the top of the ranking for research and development in the UK, surpassing the IT and pharmaceutical sectors.

Selected gasket strength

Polytec joined the project with the aim of building commercial partnerships to enter the automotive sector with products that meet the performance needs and safety standards required by the partners.
Through an initial contact with partners, we were able to trace the main requirements that the WEC and Formula championships demand from manufacturers & suppliers of polyurethane seals:

  • Headlight and door gasket resistance
  • Ensuring the best performance of cabin filters
  • Safeguard the electrical components inside the car

During the meetings organized, Polytec will have the opportunity to get to know the dynamics of the sector and the specific peculiarities of each team, with the aim of providing each project with our added value in the many details that make up a winning car.

We expect that this project will also have a positive impact on road cars, since the technologies and know-how developed in the racing environment have historically been applied to production cars, a sector in which Polytec already operates.