MN 170 primer, the master of Teflon-coated and plastic-coated paints.

Do you need to treat surfaces with Teflon-coated or plastic-coated coatings, but your operators are not confident of the success of the work? Why insist on using unsuitable products and inventing strange solutions?

The MN170 single-component primer is just what you need: specifically for surfaces coated with Teflon-coated or plastic-coated coatings, our MN170 adhesion promoter ensures maximum adhesion during the foaming phase.

Through its traditional manual application, carried out with a piece of cloth soaked in the primer, it ensures maximum ease of use without any uncertainty.

Once the application is finished, it must be left to rest for at least 10 minutes, so as to allow the additives to evaporate and make the glue of MN170 primer to make the best of its performance.

After-sales service is always free of charge and guaranteed by the assistance provided by our technical sales team. The entire range of certified products is guaranteed for six months.



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