The COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in a consistent economic downturn, but not all industries have been affected.

Do you work in polyurethane formulation application industries? Join our network of business relationships.

Thanks to the results obtained by our R&D laboratory, we have developed new commercial synergies with leading companies in the market of high and low pressure foaming machines.

In fact, according to the specific technical needs, the installers receive assistance from our commercial office that, together with the R&D technicians, studies the products in order to submit to the customer’s evaluation the most suitable chemical formulations for the type of system installed.

The collaboration deepens punctual themes such as the creation of formulations resistant to abrasion, with hardness and elasticity, load and tear resistance.

We remind you that the after-sales service is always free of charge and guaranteed by the assistance provided by our technical-commercial team, the entire range of certified products is guaranteed for six months.


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