After receiving requests from switchgear manufacturers to improve product performance, and thanks to tests carried out in our laboratory, we have proposed to the market an innovative formulation that is the result of the inclusion of a new type of POLYOL.

What are we talking about? The product “POLYTIX 00 GREY“.

POLYTIX 00 GREY“, is designed and created to meet the needs of electrical panel manufacturers.

Thanks to its innovative formulation, we have succeeded in creating an advanced solution dedicated to bonding glass to the doors of electrical panels.

Characterized by lower viscosity and greater malleability, “POLYTIX 00 GREYreduces risk of wear and the risk of pump failure by reducing pump stress through lower RPM.

These features optimise maintenance costs and ensure energy savings by significantly reducing the risk of plant breakdowns and downtime.

This formulation comes with a 6-month guarantee and free after-sales service from our specialised team.

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